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Survey Privacy Policy

At Niche Surveys we are as concerned about your privacy as you are.
Under no circumstances will we ever divulge any of the information that you provide to any third party without your express permission.
Why do we need this personal information?
We use the details that you supply to us to ensure that you fit into the profile that our clients are looking for. In this way we do not waste your time by sending you information and surveys that you are not interested in, or that you are not eligible for. Data is only shared with our clients on an overall basis. For example we may tell our clients that 30% of our respondents are ethnic Maori, or that 63% are married men with 2 or more children of school going age.
What happens to the surveys that I answer?
At the end of the survey all of the information in collated and we send this processed information on to our client. No personal information is forwarded to the clients, just the results of the survey.
How many surveys will you invite me to do?
This will vary tremendously from person to person. It depends on your particulars and which demographic our client wishes to use. We will send you as many surveys as you qualify for, so you can get the most benefit from participating.
Can I opt out of the surveys?
If you feel that you do not wish to take part in a particular survey then you are free to say no thanks. Unsubscribe here.

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