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Survey Terms and Conditions

Niche Surveys – Terms and conditions
When you join you are bound by these terms and conditions.
Please read them carefully and understand them.
To be able to register with us you must be over the age of 14 and be a resident of New Zealand. If you are under the age of 18 you must have the permission of a parent or guardian.
You can only sign up for one membership for yourself only, and not on behalf of any other person, including other members of your family. Other members of your household or family must sign up as individuals in their own right. You must not allow any other person to respond to surveys on your behalf.
Contact details
All contact details supplied by you must be current and valid, including postal address, phone numbers and e-mail address.
Personal details
You agree that we can keep a record of your personal details for as long as you are signed up with us. If you unsubscribe, your personal details will immediately be deleted from our data base. All personal details must be true and up to date. You must keep your details current, and agree to inform us immediately of any changes that may affect your personal details held by us.
Your responses to survey questions must at all times be accurate and truthful, and must be answered by you and you alone, with no input or collaboration with anybody else. At all times your answers must be considered and genuine, and you must not rush through the survey and give nonsense or partial answers.
You must not send unsolicited messages or spam to the Niche Survey e-mail address. You must not send unsolicited messages or spam to anybody to promote Niche Surveys or any other service associated with it.
Communications from us
We will use the e-mail address supplied by you to send all notifications and important information to you. We will only use your cell phone number in cases where your e-mail does not respond, or of extreme urgency. We will take all possible precautions to prevent unsolicited e-mails and spam being sent to you using any of our e-mail addresses. We will never send any commercial advertising e-mails to you using any of your contact details.
Refer a friend
For every qualifying new member that you refer to us we will credit you with one additional entry into the draw for the sign-up prize. A qualifying new member must:
Not be a current member and have never been a member.
Be eligible to join.
Enter the details of the person referring them to us on the application form.
You will be credited the additional entry only if the new member completes the Survey participant Contact Form in full and only if all of your details are complete and up to date.
Sign-up draw
On a regular basis we offer a lucky draw to new members signing up with Niche Surveys. Terms and conditions apply to these draws and are available here.
By signing –up with Niche Surveys and participating in the draw you agree to have your picture, name, and suburb published on the survey web site, all associated web sites and print media if you are a winner. You also agree that Niche Surveys can use these details for advertising and promotional purposes.
If you do not consent to the above then you will not be eligible for the draw, and all of your entries will be removed.
You can at any time opt out of the draw by contacting us here.
Niche Surveys employees and their family members, and Niche Survey affiliates, clients, agents, suppliers, and their employees and immediate family are not eligible to enter any Niche Survey Draw.  

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