EMINZ and Ethnic Media in New Zealand

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EMINZ and Ethnic Media in New Zealand

EMINZ and Ethnic Media in New Zealand


Eminz is the largest and most comprehensive tool for marketing into the ethnic and niche audience in New Zealand and is endorsed by

the NZ Association of Ethnic Communications Incorporated.  The Eminz portal provides detailed information on the most effective media companies into each of the main ethnic communities, Maori, Chinese, Indian, Pacific Island, Korean and Filipino, in the fields of Radio, TV, Newsprint and Digital and Social media options.
The Association and other industry professionals have identified a need to better coordinate the ethnic media industry in order to improve the flow of information and communications into the ethnic communities and to raise awareness of the key ethnic media companies, who are the most effective at reaching these growing and vital markets.
The Eminz portal provides the detailed information needed by a marketing professional, who is interested in reaching these markets and wants to develop a marketing plan and media schedule. With the aid of Eminz staff this plan will be the most effective for communicating with these audiences and will be complete with detailed information on each media option.
Eminz offers the advertising and marketing professionals the opportunity to:

1.     Book Ethnic Media on-line via a sophisticated media booking system

2.     Access comprehensive information which includes statistics on the ethnic communities

3.     Benefit from encompassing these communities into their Marketing Plans

4.     Access an informative index of the Ethnic Media Companies that serve the diverse ethnic communities, with details on readership, circulation, distribution, audience numbers, etc.

5.     Book media at the best possible rate via the Eminz booking system.

Eminz is backed up by decades of experience in media and in the ethnic communities, and the Eminz staff are able to provide advertising
and marketing professionals with a wide range of services. Eminz also acts as a single point of contact to enable the user to access the information required to plan and implement a comprehensive marketing campaign. 
Please use the "Contact Us" or the "Client Login" page for further information.


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