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Community Forum Panels


panelIf your Client would like to engage with the target communities at any stage of the campaign, EMiNZ is able to arrange community forums - to gather information regarding views and perspectives of your proposed campaign to enable a more informed decision and aid with graphic design concepts, effective up-take of the message into the communities, taking into account language and cultural sensitivities, to ensure the campaign is engaging and not offensive to the individual communities. 
panelSuch forums can be general - a cross section of an ethnic group, or specialised - targeting particular demographics including gender, age, occupation, education level, etc, within an ethnic group. Forming such panels can be done at short notice if necessary, as often the information is time critical to fit in with campaigns.
If you are from one of the ethnic communities, and would like to partake in one of the panels, please contact us.
Please download our Forum Document, or contact us for more information.

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