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Ethnic Media Services

Eminz is able to offer many services to Agencies, including the following:

Ethnic Marketing Consultancy
Eminz is able to utilise the resources of the member companies to gain strategic insights into their own communities.
Advisory and Planning Services
Utilising the companies of the co-operative, Eminz is able to advise on and plan many differing facets of any campaign directed at an ethnic community.
Strategic Marketing Services
Eminz is able to provide specialised strategies for marketing into the different communities, by using the experience and knowledge of designers, publishers, marketeers, and consumers from within that community.
Concept Marketing Plan Development
Working closely with both clients and the ethnic communities enables Eminz to develop targeted and effective marketing concepts, and are able to turn these concepts into reality.
Access to a comprehensive range of Ethnic Media
Because Eminz works with the Key Ethnic Media Companies, virtually all media options  are availabe, including the standard print, broadcast, and online media. Eminz also has access to event outdoor advertising and sponsorship - all media prices are the best possible rates. If you don't see a media type you require, just ask.
Eminz Graphics
By utilising the Graphic Design Services of the member companies, Eminz is able to arrange any graphic design work to be completed by designers from within the particular communities - people who are intimately aware of any cultural sensitivities and attitudes withnin that community. Contact us for more information.
Community Forum Panels
Eminz is able to convene Community Forum Panels for gaining insights into what communities think, feel, regard, for particular or general issues or concepts. Run your concepts past the target for their views before committing to production. Read more about this service.
Specialised Ethnic Models and Talent.
If you need  to engage the services of models and talent that reflect the target community, Niche Models can supply what you need from an ever growing pool of ethnic talent.
Translation Services 
Utilising a range of options, Eminz can organise translation of any document/audio into one or many langages. Please see our Translation Services page or contact us for more information.
Interpreting Service
Interpreting is a very specialised translation service. Interpreters are often in great demand, and not always available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Online Events Calendar
Eminz provides an on-line event calendar for happening within hte ethnic communities. please see the Events Page for details. Should you wish to have an event listed, please contact us and let us know.
Sponsorship Opportunites
Throughout the year, we are able to offer sponsorship opportunities to a wide range of occaisions, often corresponding to major events in an ethnic community's calendar. Please contact us for information on any community you wish to target.
Media and Press Release Service
Eminz offers a press release service that easily distributes media and press releases to the ethnic community. Contact us for more information. Check out a selection of the latest press releases here.
Managed PR Campaigns
Eminz, through its network of media companies, is able to create and execute managed PR campaigns to assist in brand awareness, brand identity, or deliver important information into the target communities.
Blog Writing
Eminz is able to offer the service of blog writing on your behalf. Contact us for more information.

Online Media Bookings
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