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Translation Services

Print Translations
Eminz is able to provide a comprehensive translation service for agencies and their creative department to enable artwork to be provided to the ethnic publications in any desired language(s).
These translations generally have a 5 day turnaround due to the comprehensive nature of this service. The English copy should be provided in a word document, with any words not to be translated in RED. All other text for translation should be in BLACK.
The document is then sent to 2 translators for translation. When these translations are received back, they are then sent to a third for checking. Any adjustments are then carried out and the translations are rechecked. Once there is agreement and consistency with all the translations, the final copy is then returned to the creative department in Word format. Usually, it is a then a simple matter of cutting and pasting into the artwork with any formatting applied.
Please remember that any translations will have to be factored into any material Deadlines.

Audio Translations
Eminz works with the corresponding Key Ethnic Media Companies to produce translations of Audio / Video clips as required. Please be aware that many translations exceed the length of the original English script, so synchronising the dubbing of Video audio may require extra work.
Download our Translation Document, or contact us for more information

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